5 potential sleeper hits for the Wii

Naturally, most gamers are excited for upcoming titles like Punch-Out!!, The Conduit and MadWorld, but there are a few other games due out by the summer that seem to be flying under the radar despite showing a lot of promise. Within just a few months the Wii will be host to a game that could eclipse the Pikmin series in quality as well as what could be the best tilt-based platformer on the system yet. TVGB takes a look at some potential sleeper hits on the Wii.

Excitebots: Trick Racing
Release Date: April 20, 2009

Despite being a Nintendo published title, Excite Truck was widely overlooked upon it release; perhaps the the ultra realistic MotorStorm made it seem rather rudimentary in comparison. Gamers who gave it a chance however got to experience one the most insanely fast and just plain fun racers released in quite a while. The sequel from Monster Games looks to take everything that made the original such a joy to play and expand it in ways fans of the original didn’t even dare dream. Gone are the prosaic trucks in favor of bots as well as a 6-player online mode and an expanded trick system. Let’s just hope the the pie slinging and poker hands don’t get too out of hand.

Little King’s Story
Release Date: Summer 2009

Ubisoft stated a while back it was their intention to create games for the Wii with Nintendo-like quality, but if there’s a game that looks to be emulating Nintendo and even going one better in the process, it’s Little King’s Story. Essentially an RTS in the mold of Pikmin, the senior team members behind the game previously worked on behemoths such as Final Fantasy XII and Dragon Quest VIII. With a lengthy main quest and a truly charming art-style, Little King’s Story will likely be one of the finest games released on the Wii this year.

Marble Saga: Kororinpa
Release Date: March 17, 2009

Marble Mania is arguably the best tilt-controlled platform game on the Wii, and the sequel from Hudson Soft promises to improve on every aspect of the original. Criticisms of Marble Mania were that it was far too short and lacking in content. Marble Saga on the other hand has 150 levels (compared to the original’s 40), Balance Board support, a level editor and the ability to share and download user created levels (though it’s unlikely Hudson Soft will bypass Friend Codes in the same way EA have with Boom Blox Bash Party). Marble Saga looks like it’ll bridge the divide between traditional and expanded audience gamers without breaking a sweat.

The Munchables
Release Date:May 2009

Probably the most mysterious game on this list, especially seeing as no-one’s played it yet despite the fact that it comes out in May. Its presence is warranted by the fact it’s published by Namco-Bandai and because its visuals suggest a talented and well funded development team. Gameplay seems to be a fusion of Mario Galaxy style platforming and Katamari-esque collecting – the main character grows in size with every enemy he eats. Hopefully its primary colors and wacky villains (the main foe’s name is Don Onion) hide a game with depth and challenge.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game
Release Date: June16, 2009

There are three main reasons to be hopeful for this game. The first is that the developer is Red Fly; the guys behind the stylish but otherwise ordinary Mushroom Men, which guarantees the game will at least look good. The second is that it’s a Ghostbusters game – those proton streams seem like an ideal fit for the Wii Remote. Third is that the Wii version of Ghostbusters provides the opportunity to play all the main levels with up to four players in spliscreen co-op. As long as the developers are given enough time to polish the title, this should be one to look forward to.