7 days around the MMO world (Mar.08)

Welcome to our new weekly feature here at TVGB where we’ll be rounding up a week’s worth of MMO news from your favorite current and upcoming MMOs. This is the perfect place for our readers to get the week’s MMO news in one sitting. So queue up with us as we begin our 7 day recap around the MMO world.

We’re starting off with one of the biggest MMORPGs to date, World of Warcraft. If you’re playing, then you’re enjoying the ice lands of Northrend and maybe even taking a dip into its raid content. But, if you’re playing it, then you might have noticed the sudden dead end when it comes to end game raid content. Well thankfully this is being addressed in WoW’s 3.1 patch which is now in its 3rd week of heavy testing on the public test realm.

Patch 3.1 is adding in a new raid dungeon called Ulduar, where 10 or 25 players will be able to enter and take on new raid bosses. From what we have seen the new raid encounters look pretty damn fun and definitely challenging including a fight that incorporates siege weapons like you would find in Lake Wintergrasp. We’ve also seen that there will be a new legendary quality weapon available for casters, among the plethora of new gear to come with Ulduar. Aside from the addition of a new dungeon, they’re also fixing bugs, adjusting classes and adding loads of other content.

World of Warcraft patch 3.1 highlights

  • New dungeon Ulduar
  • New gear and legendary weapon
  • New badge type from Ulduar and corresponding loot
  • New world event called Argent Tournament with mounted combat with new rewards and achievements
  • Class updates and tweaks
  • Profession updates (Including the addition of many new glyphs)
  • Addition of dual specialization and corresponding UI changes (swappable hot bars)

The next game on this week’s round up is Warhammer Online. This past week was a big week for War as its first major content patch went live. The 1.2 patch is big news for the MMO adding and fixing a titanic amount of things. Among the several pages of patch notes, the key addition was the birth of two new classes, the Choppa (insert Arnold Schwarzenegger joke here) and the Slayer. Obviously when a game adds new classes it’s amazing and exciting, but be sure not to over look the other changes.

Some of the other key additions Mythic made was the addition of a new Tier 4 scenario called Twisting Towers and the addition of “Rallying Cry” which should encourage players to participate in the lower tiered scenarios. One of our favorite changes is the “easy mode” public quests which should help ease the grind from Tier 2 to 4, one of our biggest complaints.

Here are some of the highlights from this massive patch:

  • Two new classes, Choppa and Slayer
  • New Tier 4 scenario and dungeon
  • “Easy mode” public quests to allow for more solo play
  • Total itemization revamp
  • Total profession revamp which includes streamlined gathering and crafting
  • Rallying Cry feature for RvR and new zone domination system to encourage open RvR
  • Class changes and fixes
  • UI improvements and a crap load of bug fixes

Last but not least is Lord of the Rings Online. They are getting a new update called Vol. 2 Book 7 which much like Warhammer Online’s 1.2 patch has a very extensive list of changes. Some of the notable changes include the addition of a new story line called Lothloren, crafting instances, a new 12 man raid and the ability to self resurrect.

The patch also takes a look at the player experience in the lower level parts of the game and looks to improve that. The improvements come from the addition of many new quests and the revamping of the current quests in early middle-earth. They also are tweaking travel routes to make traveling through zones less daunting to new players. There is a mountain of other changes in this patch and no word on when it will go live.

In other MMORPG news:

  • Hellgate London is still dead, very dead. We poked it, it’s definitely dead.
  • Warhammer Online is now giving out 10-day free trails in an attempt to get you hooked. Waaagh!
  • Champions Online shows us a pretty video unda da’ sea!
  • Sony Online Entertainment gets its own holiday in San Diego. Yay.
  • Tabula Rasa broadcasts its final words to their players. Farewell Tabula Rasa.
  • Darkfall launches, but good luck finding it.