Capcom makes PC gamers salivate

Now that it’s known that Capcom would take PC gaming and digital distribution out to dinner and call back the next day, they have been a bit more vocal about their plans to bring their most anticipated titles to the platform. In an interview, Capcom VP Christian Svensson provided some clarity (with heavy emphasis on some) on the PC releases for Dark Void, Bionic Commando, Dead Rising 2 and of course, Resident Evil 5.

The keyword here seems to be simultaneous. While many Capcom titles, like Street Fighter IV, have been announced for the PC, some of these titles won’t have simultaneous releases with the console versions. For example, Dark Void will be simultaneous, however Bionic Commando will not. “In truth I actually need to check with the team on that (Dead Rising 2 PC). I know it’s announced for PC. I don’t know if that one is targeted for simultaneous launch,” said Svensson. As for Resident Evil 5 PC, “Stay tuned.” Oh, that’s one hefty carrot on a stick you’ve made for us, Capcom.