Rumor / Next BioShock to feature big sisters?

Well here’s one for you. There is a rumor floating around that BioShock: Sea of Dreams may feature the little sisters in a new role. Instead of being a defenseless little girl, they may be able to kick your ass in some Big Daddy power armor. The rumor is fueled by the teaser site for the upcoming game, which features a doll that looks similar to a Big Daddy.

However, the doll has minor differences from the old suit. Add to that a new picture that features large shoe prints and a pink ribbon, and it seems like a pretty good chance. Basically what you would be looking at is a faster Big Daddy. Perhaps with the added ability to get you lost on the highway, or remind you that you aren’t the only one living in your apartment. In all seriousness though, the big sister idea seems like an obvious and easy change to the series. Hopefully we’ll see a little bit more when E3 comes around.