Burn Zombie Burn! coming March 26

Clearly shooting zombies is fun enough to satisfy any of us, but there just isn’t enough zombie barbeques going on these days. It’s our hope that the PSN exclusive title Burn Zombie Burn! will remedy this little problem. CVG reports that North America and the UK will get the game on March 26 at an undisclosed price (we’re guessing it’s $9.99, £6.99 in the UK).

Burn Zombie Burn! is an arena style shooter with one singular goal – kill zombies. We don’t know how the infestation begins but we do know that it interrupted one of the main characters Bruce’s alone time with his girl Daisy. It’s up to them and Bruce’s brother Bruno to teach the undead a lesson. We’ll get a bunch of weapons to use such as a chainsaw, minigun, shotgun, a lawnmower and a brain gun to name a few.

The zombies are varied as well. We have the typical zombie but there’s also a super zombie that can only be hurt with explosives, an explosive zombie, rushing zombies with football helmets and ballet zombies that dance around bullets. It sounds quirky so let’s hope quirky also means fun.