Fun facts pop-up in God of War III trailer

Gametrailers has given the God of War III trailer the pop-block video treatment, revealing some interesting new details about our favorite god-killer’s latest adventure.

The entire trailer was rendered using the in-game graphics engine, and had to be edited to get past that pesky ratings board – the actual videogame will be much more gratuitous (i.e. – uncensored harpy nipples) and much more violent (i.e. – vividly rendered entrails). Could there be a more awesome name for patented videogame vivisection software than “Zippertech”? Also among the fun facts, God of War III can handle up to 50 enemies on the screen at once, Kratos’ polygon count is four times what it was in God of War II, and weapons can be switched during real time combat.

Most of the other details just point out the obvious, like how Centaurs are awesome and Cyclops hate pain, but any excuse to watch this trailer again is a good thing.