Giveaway / Because gaming sites like sexy, shirtless men evidently (PoP Epilogue)

We, uhhh, weren’t going to post these, but here at TVGB we know when to follow the crowd and clearly pictures of a shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal from the upcoming Prince of Persia film are highly news worthy if every other gaming blog in the world has them up. So, yea, we’re just following the crowd here. It’s not that we want to look at his muscley body or doughy good looks, or check out his perfectly manscaped body hair and his greasy, but somehow still sexy long hair. No, the only reason we are putting these pictures up is in order to conform to the standards set before us by our fellow gaming bloggers.

But we aren’t one to simply go with the crowd. No, we’re going to make this actually worthy of a post with a caption contest. Take the below image of Jakey-poo and caption it for us in the most hilarious way you can think of. You can do it by just by typing your caption in the comments below, or going the extra mile and photoshop the image and post it in Community Discussions.

The winner will receive enough MS Points to download the new Prince of Persia DLC, Epilogue. Remember, keep it relatively clean people, Dennis Lesica still doesn’t know about the lady parts and “how that all works.”