Microsoft giving up on the Elite?

If you come to this site, you’re probably smarter that the average bear, which is to say, smarter than me. And maybe, thanks to your superior intellect, you have $400 in expendable income lying around. If so, and if you are inclined to patronize Microsoft by buying an Xbox 360 Elite, you had better do so soon. This is still a rumor, but sources have told Fudzilla (via 1UP) that Microsoft is thinking about fazing out the Elite package in many parts of the world due to dwindling sales. Apparently, Microsoft will stop taking orders for the Elite system somewhere in the 2nd fiscal quarter, and let retailers sell what stock they have left. After the supply has been exhausted, Microsoft will transition the Elite system into a sort of Limited Edition deal, and only available in select retailers in the US and Europe. Fudzilla is saying that the console in that state will resemble the Resident Evil Elite Red package now available.

Again, this is only a rumor, and the rumor only goes so far as to say that Microsoft is planning on doing this if it makes the “best economic sense.” So, it’s speculation, but not surprising. The Elite system retails for $100 more than the Pro version, and $200 more than the Arcade. In the current economic situation, it makes sense that the most expensive model of the 360 wouldn’t be doing very well. According to Fudzilla, Elite consoles have taken up space on retailers shelves for months without moving, so Microsoft is focusing on the cheaper Arcade and Pro editions, which are the only editions we poverty stricken individuals can afford.

So on the off chance that, despite the sorry condition of the DOW, you are rolling in the money, OR if you’re willing to spend any stimulus money coming your way before you get it (very wise decision), AND if you don’t own a 360…spend your hard earned money on the Elite system now. It may not be very available for long.