N’Gai Croal moves to the other side, talks future creative plans

N’Gai Croal was an associate of Newsweek where he ran the Level Up Blog, posting updates, opinions and coverage of all sorts of events in our industry. He was certainly responsible for bringing videogames into a more mainstream light on a critical level, where he also appeared on programs on channels such as CNN, MSNBC and G4. It’s always sad to see the day when an established, respected journalist of our industry moves away from writing about games, to some place in the production/development of videogames.

Croal talked to Gamasutra about his future endeavors and stated he wants to become a creative consultant and really wants to help developers reach their target market successfully. Critical information relayed to developers from an outside source will hopefully give a new perspective to which they can critically think about their game in a different way. Surely this is something that will have a hopeful impact on the industry.

We here at TVGB wish Croal the best and look forward to his impact through the other side of the industry. Good luck!