Saurkraut: the final gaming frontier

Sauerkraut is good on hot dogs, but a big heaping bowl of it is just none too tasty. Clearly this is why four Italians (Nicola Ferrarese, Corrado Agnese, Valentina Mantello and Marzia Pellegatta) decided to use their big bowl of kraut sourness to make an homage to classic videogames. Yes, here we see everything from Pac-Man to Prince of Persia honored in soggy wetness. One wonders from the title, Videokrauting, if they’ll be making turning sauerkraut into stop-motion magic a regular habit since they turned the making of sauerkraut into stop-motion magic into a verb. Remember kids, next time your mom asks what your doing with your vegetables just say you’re Video(insert vegetable name here)ing. No more broccoli for me, I’m Videobroccoling.