Steal Princess pushed back a month, still looks promising

When we introduced you to Atlus’ platform/puzzle hybrid Steal Princess a few months ago it was alongside a psychadelic anime-style trailer. With the release date pushed back to April 21, by when Atlus hopes the GTA: Chinatown Wars hype has died down a bit, we get a little more gameplay footage.

What this trailer lacks in totally sweet Japanese animation, it makes up for in more elongated gameplay clips. The ability to equip multiple weapons, including a spiked ball a la Twilight Princess, is intriguing. So is the battle against a giant boss creature. Both of these elements make Steal Princess seem like a Zelda imitator (the life bar doesn’t hurt either), but the whip action is satisfyingly different. Also different is the ability to create your own levels and share them over Wi-fi with your buddies. It’s that feature that gives the impression of Atlus putting in the extra effort to satisfy adventure fans.