The Godfather II out April 7, don’t fuggeddaboudit

For fans of the series, and those who just want to live out the life of a mob Don, the wait for The Godfather II is almost at an end. EA has given the green light to the delayed game and will release it on April 7.

Unlike the previous game, The Godfather II will not make players work their way up through the ranks to become a made man. Instead, the game puts the player directly in charge of the Corleone family after the previous Don is killed during a major mob meeting. Players must then take back the family’s turf and grow their reputation, reach, and influence to other areas of the country.

This iteration of the game utilizes the Don’s View, “a 3D representation of the player’s criminal empire, putting the player in the Don’s mindset; it allows them to coordinate their family strategy, plan hits on rival made men, attack enemy rackets, and much more.” This mode of play lets the player to go beyond running around the city aimlessly tearing stuff up and allows them to get a feel for running a mob family by funding investments, managing businesses, and lining city official’s pockets.

We have a hands-on preview that you have to check out, and yes… that was an offer you can’t refuse.