The Behemoth teases new game

The Behemoth’s first two titles, Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers, are some of the more fun and original games available on Xbox LIVE Arcade today, and their third game is something we’ve been teased about for some time now. But the teasing is (almost) over as we now finally know when we’ll see it in action as the devs have promised to release a trailer from it on their dev blog in eight days, on March 18. To hold us off until then, they’ve left us with the above shot which has an art style reminiscent of its previous games and certainly looks like something we’d expect from The Behemoth.

A few days after the trailer is unveiled, the company will also be making a trip to the Tokyo Anime Fair to spread word and show off their games to the people there, including an “uber-early version” of the third game.