Professor Layton gets some movie lovins

A new commercial has come out for Professor Layton and the Curious Village. This puzzling DS title came out early last year, but seeing a new commercial for it makes sense here in the States. After all, we’ve only had the first of three Professor Layton games reach our shores so far, but with the popularity of the title we expect the other two eventually.

What we didn’t expect was Lisa Kudrow to be showing off her mad puzzle skills. Wait, Pheobe solved the puzzles first? See blonds can solve puzzles too! Way to go Kudrow—showing off that brain and gaming for us only makes you hotter.

Speaking of hot (and only slightly of Professor Layton), check out these hot new trailers for Professor Layton: The First Movie. Of course they’re in Japanese and less interesting than the above commercial, but what the hell. Oh, and tune in next week for Pokemon: The 22nd to the power of 4 Movie trailers.