Riddick and the dev diary

If Riddick was real and he heard that his name was being used in such close proximity with the word diary we’re pretty sure everyone involved would be dead within the next few hours. Thankfully, Riddick is a fictional character and thus developer diaries can be made about his upcoming videogame Assault on Dark Athena without fear of death. This first dev diary takes us through a bit about how the remake for Escape From Butcher Bay got going and what we can expect from the newly revamped game.

However, what is more interesting is hearing of about how Dark Athena came about. Looks like it was originally planned as just a new add-on level and then exploded into its own full blown game. No wonder everyone was so confused about whether it was a remake or a new game, the devs were making up what it was as they went along. What is actually really cool about this is that Starbreeze had an idea and was able to run with it, instead of being bogged down by a publishing company saying they couldn’t make the new game they wanted. Bravo to both Atari and Starbreeze for going forward and bringing us not only a revamped Butcher Bay, but an entirely new game in Dark Athena. Oh, and if you’re curious about how well the new game actually plays, check out our hands-on time with it.