Sony might sue over early death ad

A British campaign, called Change4Life, is not only raising the ire of gamers across the pond but might also be catching the attention of Sony with the ad above. The ad campaign, sponsored by the British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research and Diabetes UK, lets you know that immobile activities like videogames lead to a possible increase in the chances of premature obesity, heart problems, diabetes, and death. Apparently it is impossible to lead an active lifestyle AND enjoy videogames.

Sony is looking into the possibility of suing The Gate, the agency that created the pictured advertisement, as it appears that the agency did not ask for permission to use a controller that resembles Sony’s DualShock controller. No word on whether they are looking to remove the ad completely or simply have the controller altered.

The PlayStation 3 maker is not the only company looking at taking action against the Change4Life campaign. With its implied message that videogames are the sole cause for various health problems, SEGA, Atari, Future Publishing, and others have condemned the ad. Even SEGA Europe’s VP and COO Mike Hayes spoke out publicly about the campaign, “Television, radio, cinema, listening to music, computing, videogaming and of course, reading all require a high element of passive participation, but of all these media types it is videogaming that provides the most potential interaction and activity. It seems that an advertisement has been put together by a poorly informed advertising agency.”