Yeah, Stalin vs. Martians is very real

We like to joke around a lot at TVGB. We’re a fun loving bunch that have a lot of ideas about games that should be created for maximum fun and hilarity, but even we would have never thought to see a game featuring Joseph Stalin fighting Martians. Yes, a game where the former leader of the Soviet Union fights off the Martian Invasion of 1942. We never thought we’d say this but in this game the fate of the world depends on Stalin.

This arcade style RTS game was developed by Black Wing Foundation, Dreamlore and N-Game Studios. It won’t have the level of depth or require flawless strategies that other RTS game tend to have. Instead, it will be simple to play and will contain coin power ups from defeated Martians. The game will have 12 missions in the single-player campaign with no word on multiplayer. It also has a Russia electronic soundtrack and music video intermissions.

Stalin vs. Martians will be available to buy for PC in April. Put on your dancing shoes and check out the trailer, which is worth seeing for a dancing Stalin alone, after the break.