Excitebots, the lighter side of racing

What, you thought that Excite Truck and Excitebikes was the lighter side of racing? Well you were so wrong. They totally lacked pie face and sandwich power-ups and didn’t let you spin your car around bars at all. I mean, those two games were the videogame equivalent of a funeral parlor in comparison to Excitebots: Trick Racing. Judging from the above trailer Monster Games seems to have taken the franchise in a more Mario Kart direction, though most of the stuff present in this new trailer was in Excite Truck in one form or another.

Clearly there will be a few racing modes that branch out from pure racing as we can see a soccer shoot and bowling in the video. I’m not so sure how excited I am about having to spin the Wii Remote/Wii Wheel around to do some stuff, but the quick jerks worked really well in Mario Kart for the boosts so I’ll give it a chance here. If the game turns out well it will be nice to have another solid racer on the Wii, even if it requires driving around like as a praying mantis. On a side note, isn’t it refreshing that the actors in Wii ads are actually playing the game. You can’t fake looking that dumb.