FUEL visits, wants to talk about the weather

We’re not so easily impressed here at TVGB, especially by racing games since usually when a new one comes out it is basically has the same features as the old ones just with better looking cars and different tracks. However, what Codemasters is doing with FUEL, their upcoming open-world racer, is looking refreshingly original. With over 5,000 square miles of driving area mapped from US satellite data the game is going to be huge. On top of that they’ve set the game in a future where global warming has been accelerated, added in full day and night cycles and created some extreme weather cycles, which the above video is showing off.

The constantly changing whether will make driving conditions difficult and allow courses to be different. One time you could drive through one of the courses on one of the over 70 vehicles and it will be dry as a bone, the next time a rain storm has made traction a thing of the past. Coolest of all though is the tornado, which tears through the world and in the above video even launches a truck into the oncoming racers. Let’s just hope they make that lame lightning look a bit better before the game launches. How cool would it be if a bolt of lightning struck the road right in front of you as you raced? Answer: Very cool.