Little League is reaching for the Majors in the tradition of 2K Sports’ MLB with a yearly game. Little League World Series Baseball 2009 is the sequel to last year’s first officially licensed Little League game. Once again Little Leagers can enjoy playing the sport they love (for those whose parents haven’t forced them to join and get stuck in deep left field) in the comfort of their own living rooms with their Wii or on the go with their DS.

David Oxford, of Activision Publishing, said that this title “aims to broaden the franchise’s appeal even wider, giving experienced gamers a sense of depth and to feel more challenged while still making it easy for parents or grandparents to pick up and play.”

That extra “sense of depth” will be coming in the form of the new full team editor, regional tournaments, all new stadiums, new skills challenges, even more collectible content than last time and more. To make the game more appealing to parents or grandparents there is a total lack of Mario and crew. Wii motion and DS stylus controls have all been improved for better batting and pitching as well.

Catch the 2009 season this June. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to covering left field. Thanks a lot dad.