Man sues airline over lost Xbox 360

A student at Yale University has filed a lawsuit against U.S. Airways demanding $1 million in compensation for his lost Xbox 360 console. According to the filing, Jesse Maiman took a flight last December from New Haven, Connecticut to Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport and upon arriving at his destination, proceeded to retrieve his luggage. It was then that he discovered his bag was lighter than before and began to inventory the contents, finding everything was accounted for except for his Xbox 360, “which had a specialized hard drive and components he said cost more than $1,000.”

Maiman alleges that U.S. Airways gave him “an unconscionable ‘run-around’,” leading him to write or converse with five airline employees who gave him “what he considered to be nonresponsive answers.” He says the airline just didn’t want to deal with such an annoyance.

“That thing was my DVD player,” Maiman, a junior film studies major, said. He is seeking reimbursement of $1,700 for the loss of the Xbox 360 and its components and for “non-economic distress of at least $25,000, but in the maximum amount allowable by law or, in the alternative, in the sum of $1,000,000.”

U.S. Airways says it has not been advised of the lawsuit yet, but such a lawsuit surpasses federal loss limits for lost luggage. “Further, our publicly available baggage policies specifically exclude liability for electronics checked in luggage,” said Valerie Wunder, a US Airways spokesperson.

After doing some math, we can’t see how any combination of components could total up that much. And “specialized hard drive”?!?