Noby Noby Boy site hints at future content

Noby Noby Boy continues to be played by almost 50,000 gamers across the globe regardless of how difficult it is to explain what the game is about. So far we been able to get Girl to reach the Moon and she is now on her way to Mars. Though she continues to stretch every day the Web Web Boy site is enticing players to keep the game going with hints of future content.

If you click on Boy’s daydream #1 you’ll see pictures of Boy saying “Even though it may be offline, I want to play multi-Boy!” Clicking on Boy’s daydream #2 makes him say “Guitar music are good but music from castanets, triangles and maracas is something I’d like to listen to.”

It sounds like Noby Noby Boy could get some multiplayer love in the future along with more music. The repetitive soundtrack was something we thought could have been improved in our review but multiplayer never even crossed our minds.