Ubisoft is bundling Red Steel and No More Heroes

What happens when one of the most disappointing games to come out on the Wii comes into direct contact with one of the best games made for the Wii. Evidently it isn’t the end of the world, it’s a discount! Ubisoft has announced that they’ll be reminding everyone that they brought blood to the Wii before SEGA was even thinking about it when they release both Red Steel and No More Heroes in a discount bundle pack for only $29.99. Just to be clear, and since not everyone appreciates NMH for the true piece of artwork it is, Red Steel is the disappointing game here.

The bundle will be released on March 19 and we’re guessing that Ubisoft is hoping to capitalize on the theoretical adult audience that the influx of adult oriented games on the Wii in the past few weeks has attracted. Hopefully people who didn’t give NMH a chance will jump in on this, or less intelligent people who want Red Steel will discover NMH and make the sequel a million seller. In case you couldn’t tell I really like No More Heroes and would love to see it sell a bit more than its 390,000 copies to date.