World at War DLC deploys March 19

Activision has finally given a March19 release date for the three new multiplayer maps and one Nazi Zombies map for Call of Duty World at War on the PS3 and Xbox 360. As we previously reported the maps are called Nightfire, Station, Knee Deep and Zombie Verruckt. Zombie Verruckt takes place in the Asylum and adds a little twist to the gameplay that’s a little more than just surviving for as long as possible.

Teams of four are broken down into two teams on opposite sides of the map. The goal is to fight your way to the middle of the map where a power generator and a switch to activate vending machines are located. The generator will turn on zappers that will electrocute groups of zombies. The vending machines will dispense drinks that will give players perks such as Double Tap and Juggernaut that last until the zombies bring everyone down. The zombies also behave differently by emerging from the ground and by breaking through walls. Their only point of entry is no longer windows and doors barracaded by 2×4’s. Some of them will move more quickly than others, so it’s imperative players know which ones to pick off first.

There’s still no price for the content which makes us wonder what the heck is taking Activision so long — not that it matters because we’ll end up buying it anyway.