X-Men Origins: Wolverine live chat highlights

The newest trailer from X-Men Origins: Wolverine was released yesterday and it showed Wolverine doing what he does best — lunging and destroying man and machine with his claws. The game is still almost two months away from being in stores and we have a lot of information to tide you over until May 1. The PlayStation Blog held a live chat with Dan Vondrak, who is the project lead for the game, in which he answered questions straight from the people. We stuck around for the whole thing and will tell you the highlights from today’s chat.

First off, X-Men Origins: Wolverine is not just a game based on the upcoming movie. Raven Software had been working on the game for 2.5 years as a separate Wolverine title created by a team that were fans of the character. The same team worked on X-Men Legends and Marvel Ultimate Alliance in the past. Vondrak said one of the main reasons why movie games are bad because they are thrown together at the last minute in order to release alongside the film. That’s not to say the game has absolutely no connection to movie as some of the main characters in the film such as Hugh Jackman, Liev Schriber and Will I Am bring their characters voices into the game.

The trailer from yesterday only showed about 25 percent of what the game will offer. The final product is much more gory than the trailer suggests. We will be able to cut people in half and cut off limbs with ease. We won’t be able to have fine control over what limbs get cut off like in Afro Samurai as it depends on where the attacks land. Vondrak said everything in the trailer was straight up gameplay. There are no quicktime events anywhere in the final game. Everything that happens will be our doing and our doing alone.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine will take about 12-15 hours to complete. It’s mostly combat focused, but about 30 percent of the game will deal with light puzzles and some platforming. It won’t be an open world or sandbox game but it does have a specific story and events. We guess that means it’s a linear experience but missions can be replayed to level Wolverine up. Several NPC’s from the Marvel universe such as Gambit and Blob will be in the game as well as more characters that will be revealed later. Unfortunately there won’t be any co-op or multiplayer modes included. Replay value is extended by having additional costumes to unlock for Wolverine. The system works by finding an action figure with that special costume and then fighting a Wolverine dressed in that costume to unlock it.

Now for the sweet combat. Needless to say we’ll feel unstoppable when playing as Wolverine but he can be hurt — just not killed. When Wolverine takes damage the health on his skin and muscle layers will drop. Once those are gone his vitals are exposed which then leads to Wolverine becoming unconscious. Falling back when taking damage will show an animation of Wolverine’s muscle and skin layers growing back in real time.

Future DLC is planned but Raven can’t talk about it just yet. The PS3 version of the game does include Trophy support and the PSP version follows a similar story but isn’t as gory. This game sounds very promising but we won’t know for sure until we get our hands on the full version. Check out our hands-on impressions for more gory details.