New The Conduit gameplay video makes us drool

The Conduit is a Wii exclusive. Just let that simmer for a second while you watch the video above, we will wait on you. Done? Alright, now we can talk. For those of you not following this game, The Conduit puts players in the middle of an alien attack on Earth as the only person that can bring an end to the invasion. As super secret agent Ford, players must use a technology called the All Seeing Eye to solve… something.

To be honest, were it not exclusive to the Wii, the video shows a typical cookie-cutter FPS that would get lost in the clutter of all the others. Since it is on Nintendo’s console though, the game is absolutely amazing to us, and we at TVGB are not easily amazed. Gameplay is solid according to Matt’s E3 impressions, and opponents react as they should, but The Conduit‘s major selling point is its graphics. The developers have delivered on their promise to “make a Wii game that looks like a 360 title.”

Thank you SEGA for picking up this game, you are now forgiven for whoring out Sonic all these years.