RE5 Versus mode coming, but you’ll have to pay

This is how the press release that told us about Resident Evil 5‘s DLC Versus mode starts: “Tired of working together with other players in Resident Evil 5? Ready to show your co-op partner exactly what you think of their gaming abilities?” After reading that I quickly checked my calendar to make sure that indeed it was the day before the game comes out, and that also I hadn’t fallen asleep for two months, which is the length of time it took me to get bored of Resident Evil 4. Confirming that it was indeed March 12, and that there was no way possible I or anyone else was tired of a game that had not been released yet I read on.

After calling RE5 a soon-to-be blockbuster, Capcom went on to say that they will be releasing a multiplayer mode called Versus via LIVE (400 MS Points) and PSN ($4.99/€4.99/£3.99) a few weeks after the game launches. The mode will let players take on each other in two modes. “Slayer’s Rule” is a point-based game that challenges players to kill Majinis. In “Survivor’s Rule” players shoot at each other instead. We’re not so sure how that will work out with the whole “stand and shoot” gameplay mechanic, but we shall see.

What is actually more worrisome than how the multiplayer will play is the fact that Capcom will be charging us for something that could have easily been put on the disc. Now if RE5 is anything like RE4 that disc is going to be so crammed full of content that in this case it will be excusable, but hopefully this doesn’t mark a trend where multiplayer suddenly becomes extra content and not just a given.