Virtual On returneth!

This one takes me back. My arcade cockpit pitted against the adjacent one filled by my evil evil friend, we’d choose our gigantic battle mechs and have BATTLES OF THE CENTURY with our guns and absurd robo-agility. There was a moderately complex yet somehow anime-appropriate control scheme that made you real proud just to jump and shoot at the same time. Virtual On… it’s been too long.

Yes, the classic SEGA game is returning to a world where it has been in need for quite some time. A world without, well, Virtual On. It now comes to us by way of good ol’ Xbox Live Arcade. For those in the dark on this one (and shame on you!), it’s essentially a 3D fighting game from a directly-behind third person camera. You choose one of 15 Virtuoidz (large mechs), each with its own unique traits, and then duke it out one on one.

This XBLA version will be based off the second release in the series, Oratorio Tangram and is officially and long-windedly dubbed Cyber Troopers Virtual On Oratorio Tangram. Not content to just rerelease a classic, this downloadable next-gen version will indeed sport enhanced graphics and online play so we can, again, duke it out with our friends and, again, have BATTLES OF THE CENTURY. Expect this one in Spring of this year. Virtual On… it’s been too long.