What will the greatest “_____” game ever be?

Last night we got an interesting little email in our inbox inviting us to a press conference where Tecmo will be announcing the greatest “_____” game ever, and they promise that. Not much of a hint was given as to what the game will be, but they are holding the event at a Playstation Store in San Francisco where we think it might be in bad taste to announce a 360 exclusive. Other than the location, and thus a strong belief that it will be a PS3 game at the least, and the pretty hefty claim we know not what Tecmo might be announcing on the second day of GDC, we really don’t have a clue as to what they might have up their sleeves.

This however will not stop us from guessing. The first thing that came to my mind is that it will be the greatest bikini volleyball game ever, as Tecmo has that genre nailed down pat. However, that’s too easy. I’m hoping they’re claiming it’s the greatest football game ever and we’ll have a return of Tecmo Bowl to consoles. The DS version of the game was criminally ignored. What else could the game possibly be? How about the best PS3 game ever? A bold claim, but if they’ve figured out how to make a game that also allows me to use the PS3 as a grill then they’ll have no doubt accomplished that goal. Of course the real easy way out is that it’s the best “insert Tecmo franchise here” game ever. That way they only have to say it’s better than the previous games that they’ve released in the whatever series it is.