Battlestations: Pacific gets a launch date, new vid

We’re thinking that those who are excited for Battlestations: Pacific don’t need anymore trailers to wet their appetite for the game. However, for those who haven’t been on board since the game was announced, there’s nothing like a bit of FDR action to get the blood pumping. It’s almost a bit too creepy when the video switches over to gameplay and for just a second you fail to notice the difference between actual footage and videogame.

In other news, the game, which will be arriving on the 360 and Games for Windows LIVE (PC), has gotten a firm release date of May 12. I know what you’re thinking, “May 12? Isn’t it a little too early to be bringing out FDR?” I agree. FDR is a launch day material, but hopefully the marketing guys at WBIE and Eidos know what they’re doing. All I’m saying is that we better not hear the words “a day that will live in infamy” for at least a few more weeks.