BioShock 2 makes you the original Big Daddy

As this is being written, copies of the latest Game Informer with BioShock 2 as the cover story is being delivered to mailboxes and newsstands all over. As usual some information has been let out a little early about some of the game’s story elements. The biggest shocker of all is that we get to play as the original Big Daddy 10 years after the first BioShock. You’re probably thinking Big Daddies are the intimidating protectors of Little Sisters in Rapture so why would 2K make us the bad guy? The answer is simple – we play as a renegade Big Daddy. Go figure.

New and old elements from the original game will make an appearance such as using plasmids and wielding that humongous Big Daddy drill. We’ll fight off other Big Daddies in order to steal Little Sisters from them and choose to harvest or adopt them. If we choose the less lethal route the Little Sister will tag along harvesting ADAM from corpses while we protect her from Splicer attacks.

The Big Sister is seemingly the game’s antagonist. She will attack at various times and is supposedly very fast and powerful. There’s even some rumblings of a multiplayer mode that we’ll have to be patient to learn more about.