inFamous shows off in super slow motion

Sony has a new trailer for their PS3-exclusive superhero sandbox title, inFamous, which makes liberal use of the slow motion, backed by melodramatic rock music. And dare I say, it sorta works.

Overcranking is quickly becoming synonymous in Hollywood with a lack of depth, covering a variety of sins in time-bending beauty, but this trailer reminds me more of the Assassin’s Creed and Prince of Persia promos, two games that aren’t perfect but have enjoyed regular rotation in my gaming library. If this game is even half as fun, consider me sold.

Sucker Punch shows off more than their love of The Matrix‘s special effects and If These Trees Could Talk‘s power chords – this trailer crackles with a variety of electricity-based attacks, including a never-before-seen ability from inFamous’ bike messenger turned super powered protagonist Cole McGrath, the “polarity shield.” We also get a quick glimpse of some of the game’s enemies (I won’t say villains, as you could well be one yourself depending on how you use your powers in this post-apocalyptic morality play), including the hoodie-sporting teleporter Sasha and a hulking scrap-metal monster. More of these, please, Sucker Punch.

No word yet on when the demo will be available, but inFamous launches worldwide in June.