Japanese schools requiring DS

That’s it. It’s over. The console war is over, we can all go back to debating about whatever it is people debated about before videogames existed. The DS has won. Nintendo’s system of dual screen death will now be required in ten elementary and middle schools in Osaka, Japan. If infiltrating your system into a growing child’s early education isn’t winning the war then I don’t know what is. By the time these kids graduate high school they’ll be so into Nintendo that the site of a Sony product will make them vomit.

In all seriousness, the DS in Japan is really half gaming system, half educational tool. We westerners only see a fraction of the language learning, math coaching, cook training, reading assisting games that are released in Japan.

The school board will be distributing the DS games along with a variety of software in order to aid the children in their further education. In all honesty I’ve seen a middle schooler study Spanish for four hours straight because it was on a DS and he thought he was playing a videogame. I guess it’s just the old fogey in me who is wondering what happened to good old pen and paper.