John McEnroe puts the SLAM in Grand Slam Tennis

Here at TVGB, we’re tapped into the core gamer and even have our ears out for those on the fringe too, so we can confidently say that most gamers aren’t clamoring for a realistic tennis game. Lets face it, other than Wiimakes and nostalgia there isn’t much to get excited about; but give us an icon that may throw his racket at an official or break it over his knee and we’ll take a second look.

Grand Slam Tennis will be one of the first games to utilize the Wii MotionPlus, which already makes it interesting from a technical standpoint, but it gets that second glance for including Tennis legend and hot head John McEnroe. While we doubt there will be any of is signature “you cannot be serious!” attitude, including probably the most well known name in the sport can only be a good thing.

This is first time that McEnroe has been featured in a videogame. EA Sports also managed to get the exclusive rights to the Wimbledon tournament for Grand Slam Tennis. McEnroe is excited about the game and hopes that it will help generate even more interest in the sport. The inclusion of Wimbledon especially since he won three Grand Slams there himself.

We’ll try and get McEnroe’s friend code to see if he remembers to wear his Wiimote wrist strap or lets it fly in rage.