Now that’s how its done: Videogame themed movie uses graphics by videogame company

The only fitting thing to do when working on a videogame themed movie is to hire a videogame production company to do the visual effects. That’s exactly what Critical Mass Interactive got to do on the low budget film The 2 Bobs. Critical Mass does outsourcing work for companies like THQ, EA, Sony, Disney, SEGA, Midway and more using the Unreal Engine 3, which again they used here.

Critical Mass built the videogame, which is shown off in the movie as well as all of the visual effects. Basically, if its CG in this film, they did it. Thankfully it doesn’t look like there are any plans to really make the in-game movie like with Demonik in Grandma’s Boy.

The 2 Bobs was written and directed by Tim McCanlies, best known as screenwriter for The Iron Giant, writer and director of Secondhand Lions and for his work on the television series Smallville. His new geek comedy follows two gaming legends whose videogame masterpiece has just been stolen. Together, with fellow employees Munch, Doofus and The Dark Prince, they set off get it back from The Spam King, who plans to use their groundbreaking software to build an Internet/Cable porn empire.

Well, videogames are way more important than porn, so we hope that the Bobs prevail. Locals or wealthy videogame movie buffs can check out the premier at the South by Southwest 2009 film festival in Austin, Texas Monday March 16. The rest of us will have to wait for The 2 Bobs a little longer and just be content with our videogames…or porn.