Forget Led Zep; we want Ray Parker Jr. in Rock Band

While many gamers continue to debate which classic band should be the next to join Harmonix’s musical juggernaut, I’ve been quietly wishing for a classic 80s movie theme song pack. Alas, my wish to play expert drums on Kenny Loggins’ “I’m Alright” may never be fulfilled, but if Ray Parker Jr. has his way, we’ll at least get a chance to sing about how bustin’ makes us feel.

The folks over at Eurogamer recently had the opportunity to interview Mr. Parker Jr., and they asked him what he thinks about Guitar Hero and Rock Band as alternate revenue streams for musicians. “We were just talking about that, we’re working on it now. I think they should have Ghostbusters in Rock Band.” Hopefully, I’ll have my custom-built neon furniture by the time the song becomes available.