Koreans have been good, get a Battlefield of their very own

The first trailer of the targeted-for-Korea Battlefield Online has crawled out of the trenches. Or on second thought, I dare not call it a an actual trailer for the game as it’s really a timeline of the Battlefield franchise, which is kind of reason enough to watch it as the amount of titles and add-ons that have been released since Battlefield 1942 debuted in 2002 is kind of amazing. And two games, the recently announced Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 1943, aren’t even represented here.

To the video came attached some tidbits of information that surely our Korean audience of four will appreciate–Battlefield Online is being build based on Battlefield 2, will offer up to 64-player online matches and, of course, plenty of weaponry and vehicles to go around that will offer “distinguished satisfaction” to the player. A teaser site for the game, battlefieldonline.co.kr (seems to work in Internet Explorer only), has also opened its doors and will be offering up notes from the devs, information on maps, vehicles etc as time passes and the vague 2009 launch happens.