Valve to add server ratings to Team Fortress 2

Games like Team Fortress 2 rely heavily on the multiplayer experience to be successful. Since it’s the nature of the beast, you have to find a server to play on and we pray to the server gods that you won’t be joining a server full of greifers, team killers or just flat out buttheads who think saying racial/sexist slurs over their headsets is funny. When it’s a good server the experience is pretty damn awesome but when it’s a bad one you you begin to worry about the human race as a species.

Thankfully Valve is making this easier for us by adding a server rating. The better the server rating the better the player experience should be on the particular server. Valve is using a fairly simple method to measure what is or isn’t a good server. “In short, servers that have lots of players joining & leaving rapidly will score badly. Servers that consistently have players join and stay on for long periods of time will score well,” explained Valve’s Robin Walker.

Hopefully this scoring method will work brilliantly and keep us away from the awful d-baggery that we sometimes run into. The kicker is that servers that score really badly will be delisted from TF2’s server listing entirely. Hallelujah! The one thing Valve needs to watch out for is people potentially spoofing the system by connecting to servers for long periods of time during off peak hours to artificially raise their score. If they can keep that from happening, then the system will be a success.