Assassin’s Creed to assassinate with principles on iPhone

Well, it came to the DS… so why not, right? Everyone’s favorite roof jumper, flag collector, preacher mugger, priest impostor, acrobat, and murderer, Altair, is making his way to the iPhone to do all those things he’s known to do. And then he will do them all again… and again… and a-… oh jeez your iPhone’s battery is dead! Dead! Get it? Because Altair killed your… oh man I’m just going to stop now.

The port will be handled by mobile game developer Gameloft, whose founder, Michel Guillemot, coincidentally, is brothers with Ubisoft’s founder, Yves Guillemot. There are presumptions that the gameplay will offer players a scaled down version of the experience found on the big console and PC counterparts, but it looks like nothing official. Also not official nor mentioned at all is a price or single release detail. Odds are that such info will just spring out from nowhere to pin us to the ground and drive a concealed blade into… alright I’ll stop for real this time.