Price cuts for Mass Effect, PGR4 and Halo 3

Halo 3, Mass Effect and Project Gotham Racing 4 will join the ranks of the Xbox 360 ‘Classics’ collection in the UK this month. From Mar. 20 thrifty gamers can pick up the titles for a recession-busting £19.99.

“We are delighted to add three of our finest titles to the Classics range, adding to the exceptional entertainment offering available on the Xbox 360 at outstanding prices,” said David Gosen, Main Marketing Man (official title) over at Xbox Europe. “As we see more and more families looking to save money by staying in, Xbox 360 continues to offer high-quality home entertainment at fantastic value and consumers are clearly recognising this as we sail past 8 million console sales in Europe.”

It isn’t officially official yet, but when the Classic edition of Mass Effect turns up expect it to be carrying a little more weight than the vanilla version that’s currently out there. As we told you last month, word is it’ll be crammed with extra goodies. The other two titles are decidedly extra-stuff free, however. Also, everyone in the entire world has Halo already, right?