Resident Evil numbers spread like a true Biohazard

Capcom announced today that they have already shipped out more than 4 million copies of Resident Evil 5, making it the biggest launch of a Resident Evil game in the history of the franchise. This initial shipment of their newest addition to the RE family brings the series to a whopping 40 million units since 1996.

There seems to be no stopping this biohazard as the very name of Resident Evil pervades every facet of our entertainment culture. Racial scandals and cheated gamers can’t even slow it down. Next will be Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles and more Wii-makes, then probably more movies or CG movies. Soon, as they move into every sector of product and sales, they will surpass the entertainment media and launch a skin infecting perfume. In time they will bio-genetically engineer the real T-virus and then Capcom’s bid for world domination will come to fruition.