Riddick dev diary part deux

For those of you who are easily distracted, be forewarned, those kooky kids at Starbreeze have decided to whet our appetites again with another shiny object. The video above is the company’s second dev diary about the upcoming The Chronicles of Riddick game and goes a bit deeper than their first, talking about the design and creative process behind the look of the game.

Make sure you watch for the part where they talk about how the design of the Dark Athena was inspired by being inside the belly of a deep sea creature. That idea led to affect the look of the uniforms, the NanoNet health system, and the main adversary, Rivas.

Even if you don’t normally watch these sorts of videos, this is definitely worth the three and a half minutes for those with any interest in Riddick. Of course, you could always just go see how it really plays, without the developer spin, in our hands-on time. Or try the demo.