Solid Snake guy does Hollywood

David Hayter, who most people reading this will know as the voice of Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid games, but also wrote some scripts (first two X-Men movies, some of The Watchmen), has announced that he and film producer Benedict Carver, who is bringing upcoming Tekken (looking like a winner) and Castlevania films to the world, will be forming their own company called Dark Hero Studios. From the description, it sounds like a nerdgasm of media will be billowing from the studio in the form of graphic novels, movies, television shows, and, of course, videogames.

Sounds like they’re still ironing out some financials, but the duo are already primed and ready to direct and produce a werewolf thriller called Slaughter’s Road. After that, they’ll bring to life a script written by Hayter called Demonology which is apparently based on his experience as an international student in Japan, only it takes place in Belgium. Just the titles and premises promise that the levels of nerdiness and camp coming from this studio are, almost without a doubt, worthy of the man who gave us the raspy and inquisitive grunts of Solid Snake. The other mediums don’t get much mention, but putting money on a videogame about werewolves coming out of there probably wouldn’t be a stretch.