Alpha Protocol lets you choose to watch this video

You’d think with all the twists and turns that a good spy story has in it a modern-day spy RPG would be something we would see all the time. Betrayal, romance, intrigue, worlds nearly coming to an end; that’s either a JRPG or a spy movie, right? So why haven’t we seen more games like Alpha Protocol come along? Despite its decidedly western RPG roots, we’re thinking that a modern-day-spy story will be just as epic as any fantasy-world-coming-to-an-end-because-it’s-been-a-thousand-years story.

We actually got a look at an early build of Alpha Protocol at E3 last year and just like in the above trailer, choice was stressed. For instance, at the end there when the man asks if you’ll kill him or not, well, you’ll get to choose. That choice will have repercussions throughout the entire game. Sure, you made an ally there that could help you on a future mission, but who did you betray? Will your superiors still trust you? Of course that’s just a minor decision. Wait until you have to decide between a ham sandwich or a reuben for lunch. Can’t decide. Can’t decide. BRAIN ANEURYSM!