Club.Square Enix is official!

OK, that may not be the actual name of this little club, but you get the picture! Square Enix has officially launched a new members program called Square Enix Members, in which members of the community can create avatars, communicate with other members, and collect points for rewards. Now, how exactly does one redeem these “points?” Buying Square Enix games, of course!

Based on a very simple ranking system — using Bronze, Silver, Gold, and of course, ULTIMATE!!! as the ranks — the more games that you buy, the higher you rank. At the end of each year, ranks will be reset, so guess what? You’ll just have to buy more games! But this shouldn’t be a problem for all of those hardcore SE fans anyway. The only catch to this ranking system is that you can’t use your old games. The only games you can use to redeem points are the ones that were released after VALKYRIE PROFILE: Covenant of the Plume. So get your cash ready, because nothing is more satisfactory than being ULTIMATE at club.Square En– err… I mean Square Enix Members.