Fight Night Round 4 gameplay video sucker punches us

It all started with EA Canada asking gamers the enduring question, “Who would win in a match between Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson?” Just to add fuel to the fire, the first teaser video was released with pre-rendered graphics showing a possible bout between the two boxing legends. Now the main event is here and it… is… sizzling!

The video above shows the first display of actual gameplay from Fight Night Round 4 and it certainly will not be the last. Ali and Tyson look great going mano-a-mano in the virtual square circle, showing off their own moves in the redesigned physics system. Punches seem more fluid and varied than in the previous version which, while enjoyable, seemed nothing more than block-punch-repeat.

We cannot wait to float like a butterfly and munch an ear like Hannibal Lecter.