Flock trailer wants ewe to be a spaceship sheppard

In today’s gaming environment, downloadable games such as Braid and World of Goo are showing they can be just as fun as big-budget titles. So it’s no surprise that games like Flock are popping up in an attempt to gain the budget conscious consumer’s attention.

This new trailer of Scottish developer Proper Games’ sheep herding project looks promising. Simple, but fun gameplay is key when it comes to downloadable games, and what could be more simple and fun than herding a flock of sheep (albeit with a UFO)? Well, it won’t be too simple. The creators are promising plenty of puzzles and traps to test your wit as well as surprises to keep things interesting. Also of note is the Yoshi’s Story-style landscape design. It looks as though someone sat down and stitched together every little piece of Flock’s scenery. How charming.

Flock, which is published by Capcom, will be available for PC on April 7th, Xbox Live Arcade on the 8th, and PlayStation Network sometime after that.