Gamers get ready to get Active

Last year EA unveiled its Wii Fit rival, EA SPORTS Active, to the world. They boasted a “Western” style workout verses Wii Fit‘s “Eastern” philosophy. This meant that EA wants us to feel the burn, sweat and work our muscles while Nintendo wants us to do Yoga, keep our balance and look like hula hooping idiots (still great at parties). They also boasted a $60 price tag when it releases May 19, but that’s only fair since we’re buying a Leg Strap for the Nunchuk and a Resistance Band on top of the game and not the Balance Board.

That’s right, the Balance Board gets tossed aside for this workout, though it can be used with some of the lighter exercises. Instead players will strap on a specially designed leg holster for the Nunchuk, which will help track the lower body while the Wiimote tracks the upper body simultaneously. This seems to work really well for jumping games (yeah, definitely want to put that Balance Board away for this one) like in-line skating and for doing lunges. The included Resistance Band is used while holding the Wiimote and Nunchuk to, you guessed it, add resistance while doing exercises like bicep curls.

Players can jump in with the 30 Day Challenge which gives varying 20 minute workouts every day. Here the in-game personal trainer guides players toward their goal. This trainer is fully customizable too with different outfit designs and colors, different skin tones and even hair styles. There are also professional trainer designed pre-set workouts from 15 to 40 minutes. Of course players can always custom create their workouts for their skill level and time constraints. Workouts are structured to heighten heart rates, burn calories and work the full body and are designed for those who don’t have the time or maybe resources to work in a gym. The Resistance Band and in-game calorie counting shows the thought EA SPORTS put into their first sub-brand title, and the fact that we’ll soon be seeing sports equipment with EA stamped on it shows their deep commitment to sports. Don’t worry though, EA SPORTS Active will still have plenty of mini-games like basketball and tennis.