Mass Effect 2 officially announced for Xbox 360, PC

We’ve being getting news and teasers for Mass Effect 2 ever since we found out its level design would be a discussion topic at GDC 09. The only mystery was whether Mass Effect 2 would stay exclusive to the Xbox 360 or whether EA would take the multiplatform route and release it on the PS3. It appears PS3 owners will be left out again this time as Mass Effect 2 will be coming to Xbox 360 and PC in early 2010.

The press release doesn’t go into any specific details about the plot or gameplay changes but does promise expanded weapons, more in-depth planet exploration and an emotionally engaging story. The main enemy doesn’t seem to be the Geth anymore but the new bad guys are supposed to be greater than even them. Hopefully we’ll get more details leading up to and after GDC.