Media Molecule says that casual gaming is the key to PS3 growth

I’m pretty sure after reading that headline a few of you PS3 fans out there just went running for your PS3s so you could lock them up and keep them away from those mindless casual gamers. Not so fast. Would we not assume that Alex Evans, the co-founder of LittleBigPlanet developer Media Molecule, is a hardcore gamer, and thus speaks with the hardcore gamer’s best interest in mind? So when a man who designed one of the PS3’s most beloved games says that the future of the PS3 is in the casual gaming market, we should probably give him some credence.

Speaking with Gamasutra, Evans spoke about the future of the PS3, stating, “Going forward, the install base becomes an element of what you think about. What’s cool is the install base is growing. The core gamers are sold already, they have their PS3. And so, it is Sony’s challenge. They’ve had all these, you know, SingStars and the EyeToy games. They’ve had their casual gaming audience on the PS2, and they have to translate that over to PS3 now. As they do that, I’ll be very happy with that, because that’s how I see PS3 growing.”

I find seriously flaw in his statement that core gamers already have a PS3 if they want one. That price tag has kept me from picking one up and from getting it as a gift. I think plenty of other hardcore gamers are in the same boat as we speak, especially in this economy. That being said, he is absolutely right that the PS3 has lost much of the PS2’s casual audience. Of course Evans fails to mention that most of that audience has migrated over to the Wii where they can get Singstar knock-offs and motion controls. It’s not really about translating them over to the PS3, it’s about winning them back.